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Michigan Certified Food Manager CertificationCertified Food Manager

Many Michigan food establishments must employ at least one certified food manager.

Food Law (see section 2129 & 7106 for actual language regarding manager certification requirements)

These rules, as written, allow the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) to issue statewide variances. MDARD has issued statewide variances to the manager certification requirement for certain types of establishments.

Local health inspected establishments that must have a certified manager include:

  • All food service establishments (e.g., restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, mobile food establishments, and special transitory food units) except:
    • vending machine locations
    • temporary food service establishments

MDARD inspected establishments that must have a certified manager include:

  • A food service establishment within a retail grocery.
  • Extended retail food establishments. These are typically grocery stores with a deli and seating.
  • Establishments that press apple cider. These establishments shall have at least 1 active employee currently certified by passing an approved food manager certification examination or having completed a current approved safe cider production course. Cider Manager Food Safety Certification and GMPs.
  • Mobile food establishments
  • Special transitory food units (STFUs)

Contact the inspecting agency with any questions.

Becoming Certified or Recertified

To be certified you must pass an ANSI/CFP nationally accredited exam once every 5 years. To prepare for the exam, most individuals take a class (in person or on-line) or self-study. Exams are proctored and must be taken either at an approved testing site or are given at the end of a course by an approved instructor.

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